Everyone is different and has different needs so each individual client’s session will also be different and based on their needs. However, typical Coaching Sessions will include the following:

1.   Begin with prayer – We will ask God to bless our time together and open our hearts to what he would have us say and find.

2.   Discuss Client status~ Where are you currently? What progress has been made? What goals need to be set, tweaked, or changed?

3.   Client/Coach discussion- This is where we begin the tough job of digging deep into what is needed for you to live the life you seek.

4.   Coaching questions – Tough questions that others may be afraid to ask, and you may be afraid to answer are a part of breaking through whatever is holding you back. This is the time for self-reflection and examination.

5.   Brainstorming – Being that these sessions are a team effort, we will, together, discuss what a successful program looks like.

6.   Roadblocks – These are inevitable as we all have them. This will be the time to discover the tools used to deal with and conquer them allowing you to move past them.

7.   Creation of your action plan -Using all information discussed and gathered, we will agree upon an action plan.

8.   Accountability -Being that this is the heart of the Coach/Client relationship, we will discuss how to enact accountability within the session.

9.  Homework - Based upon your individual situation there may be assignments that will be done between our sessions.

10. Closing prayer - As the session comes to an end, we will praise God, thanking Him for all he has blessed us with during our time together. (You will have the opportunity to pray aloud but it is not required.)